HCLAB Anatomical Pathology


HCLAB AP is a paperless electronic workflow management system designed to streamline workflow and processes throughout the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory, significantly improving throughput in the AP laboratory.

From registration and specimen reception, to cut-up and preparation, through to report sign-out by the Pathologist – HCLAB AP is present throughout the entire Anatomical Pathology process. No paper needs to be generated until final report sign-out if required.

HCLAB AP provides Pathologists and Laboratory managers with a convenient management reporting tool. Turn around times (TATs) can be monitored and staff can easily check on the status of a request as it moves through the system. By enabling information to flow more efficiently from one work area to the next, HCLAB AP can reduce the TATs, allowing reports to be delivered rapidly to referring clinicians – improving patient diagnosis and treatment.

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