Mangrove Plantation

Saturday morning on 14 July 2012,  was a perfect sunny day for Sysmex Indonesia going to the mangrove forest. This time our CSR’s program was participating in mangrove plantations at Taman Ekowisata Hutan Mangrove Tol Sedyatmo located in West Jakarta.

This place is really suitable for mangrove habitat. As we already know mangrove take a big part on our ecosystem balancing, they have function for resisting the abrasion, resisting the absorption of seawater into the mainland, resisting the air pollution and of course these mangrove give us the nice place for a recreation.

We donated 200 trees of mangrove and we do a plantation by our Sysmex Indonesia employees. This is how we did, we go down in to the wet dirty mud and then mangrove planted and plugged in to a bamboo. Distance among one mangrove to the others is around 50cm. All teams took part doing this plant, children seems to have fun and enjoyed this activity.

We hoped with this, a small step have a big impact to our earth. Let’s save the earth by planting mangrove.






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