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I have been tested for Thalassemia. Have you?

Thalassemia is a highly prevalent genetic blood disorder amongst Indonesian population. It is estimated that six up to ten people in every 100 Indonesians may have thalassemia trait. If both parents carry thalassemia minor, their children may have thalassemia minor, or they may have completely normal blood, or they may have thalassemia major. Children born with thalassemia major develop the symptoms of severe anemia and require adequate treatment for a quality of life. The good news is this can be prevented by avoiding marriage between people with thalassemia genes.

PT Sysmex Indonesia as a leading IVD company has continued to contribute in supporting the thalassemia society. This time, in a collaboration with Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Indonesian Thalassemia Foundation and Rotary Club Indonesia, we supported the important event aiming to raise the awareness of thalassemia in the month of thalassemia, May.

On 25 May 2014 at the Britama Basket Hall, Jakarta; 2042 people were being screened for thalassemia in one day.


There were almost 70 clinical pathologists and more than 100 medical technologists volunteered in taking the blood and processing the results.


This huge event was opened by his Excellency H.R. Agung Laksono, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare (Menko Kesra). It has also been recorded as breaking the Indonesian Record by MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia) for highest thalassemia test in one event.

thalassemia3       thalassemia4

For Sysmex Indonesia, we prepared and installed 4 unit of XE-Series and HCLab right at the venue of this event, and providing full support in in the registration, database and reporting results of all people being tested. A collaboration of Sysmex team from various department involved in this momentous event. It is not only proved the quality of Sysmex’s product and moreover, the excellence support of Sysmex’s team to make it happened.



Breakfasting with Orphanage “Yayasan Nurul Amal”

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is very important to do charity during the month of Ramadan. Charity can be done by giving alms to the homeless, the poor, and the orphans.

In commemoration of the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2013, we encouraged all employees of Sysmex Indonesia to participate in CSR activities –  visiting The Orphanage Orphans – Yayasan Nurul Amal. The Orphanage is located in Jalan Bakti Work, Gang Wahab Amil, Kampung Makasar, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. These foundations were under Ministry of Religious Affair which accommodates and help about 90 orphans, from toddlers up to age 17 years old.

 csr         csr2

This event was held on Monday, August 5, 2013, filled with prayers, break fast together and giving donation to the orphans. This event runs smoothly because it was supported not only by employees of Sysmex but also members of the family.

csr3         csr4

It was a great sharing of joy by giving to others!

Sysmex Indonesia Care for Flood Victims

Heavy rain for one week in Jakarta caused several regions to be flooded. According to the Governor of DKI Jakarta, estimated lost due to flooding was up to Rp 20 Trillion and besides the economy, the flood also claimed 20 lives and displaced 33,500 people. That make Jakarta on Emergency status caused by flood in almost every area on January 17th, 2013. Jakarta was paralyzed on that day. Bunderan HI is a well known trademark of city center and business district, was also flooded.

Sysmex Indonesia was also affected by the floods as we have to close the office early on that day and we cannot do the delivery to our customers in Jakarta.

The worst flood happened in Pluit, North Jakarta up to 150cm for almost one week after flood paralyzed Jakarta. Several factors that caused very terrible floods was; leeve Kanal Banjir Barat (KBB) was collapse on Jl. Latuharhary and high tide sea water exacerbate flooding in the Pluit region. Hundreds of refugees – the elderly, women and children were forced to live with the potluck condition at the Village Office Penjaringan that used as evacuation shelters.

flood2         flood3

Flooded at Pluit, Penjaringan area                                                                       Pluit, Penjaringan evacuation shelter

Motivated by the sense of care to each other, Sysmex Indonesia’s management and employees also participated in giving donation to the victims especially the poor community as part of our CSR program, held on last Wednesday January 23, 2013.

CSR team became state witnesses flood victims in Pluit, Penjaringan shelter. In the Middle of the poor condition of the flood victims are still able to do something for their fellow victims. One was a masseuse; he took a position in the corner and willing to selflessly relief flood victims by giving free massages. The volunteers also brighten the atmosphere by getting the kids to play and sing.

flood4         flood5

Volunteers gave lesson to flood victim’s children. They also brighten the atmosphere made the children play and sing.  

In distributing all the donations, Sysmex Indonesia’s CSR team cooperated with the representative from Pluit District, Penjaringan Mr. Nursetiono; Deputy of Pluit District in charge as the coordinator of donation in that area.

The CSR team hoped that the flood will end soon and the flood victims will be able to return to their home, and the government can keep their promise to improve the drainage system so that flooding will not occur again in the future.







Sysmex Indonesia handing company donations to the representatives 

flood8          flood9

flood10         flood11

Sysmex Indonesia donated food, primary needs and cleaning product, mineral water, medicines and baby equipment. 


Mangrove Plantation

Saturday morning on 14 July 2012,  was a perfect sunny day for Sysmex Indonesia going to the mangrove forest. This time our CSR’s program was participating in mangrove plantations at Taman Ekowisata Hutan Mangrove Tol Sedyatmo located in West Jakarta.

This place is really suitable for mangrove habitat. As we already know mangrove take a big part on our ecosystem balancing, they have function for resisting the abrasion, resisting the absorption of seawater into the mainland, resisting the air pollution and of course these mangrove give us the nice place for a recreation.

We donated 200 trees of mangrove and we do a plantation by our Sysmex Indonesia employees. This is how we did, we go down in to the wet dirty mud and then mangrove planted and plugged in to a bamboo. Distance among one mangrove to the others is around 50cm. All teams took part doing this plant, children seems to have fun and enjoyed this activity.

We hoped with this, a small step have a big impact to our earth. Let’s save the earth by planting mangrove.